Mind Process

A mind is a process of generating novelty.

— Kimerer LaMothe, Running for a Song


Impact Without Rockets And Fireworks

It wasn’t rockets went off and fireworks dazzled in the sky when he have this speech, but it was that a few people heard him, and that he didn’t give up.

— Deborah Bloom about Harry Harlow

Plants In Solitary Confinement

In the wild, every square inch of soil is covered with a mosaic of interlocking plants, but in our gardens, we arrange plants as individual objects in a sea of mulch. We place them in solitary confinement.

— Thomas Rainer

Feedback Treatment

Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment.

— Kent Beck

Unless one were perfectly wise, the actions of someone who was would seem inconsistent.

— Paul Graham, in a tweet

Nature’s Bandage

Bare soil is like an open wound and weeds are like nature’s bandage for healing that wound.

— Mary Reynolds, The Garden Awakening.

Knowing Programming

Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.

— Chris Pine

Preparing Children For The Real World

Our educational system today prepares our children for a world that no longer exists.

— Sarah Allen

Reliable Communications

The only way to reliably communicate with someone is for both parties to be actively checking the same channel.

Matthew Zvonimir Haralovich

Action Cycles

Dream in years.
Plan in months.
Evaluate in weeks.
Ship daily.

— dj patil, quoted in a tweet